Flex Coders Search Plugin for IE7 and FireFox 2

Here’s a really helpful search plugin for flex coders to add to their browsers. Now, you can search FlexCoders mail directly from the browser search bar. 😉

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[Mark Shepard] A Flex component for graph visualization

SpringGraph is a Adobe Flex 2.0 component that displays a set of items that are linked to each other. The component calculates the layout for the items using an organic-looking annealing algorithm based on the size and links of each item, and draws lines to represent the links. The component allows the user to drag and/or interact with individual items. Data can be provided in XML or as Actionscript objects. The Roamer component is an extension to SpringGraph for browsing large graphs of 10,000 items.

Here are some sample applications that use SpringGraph.

 Spring Graph Component Tester

Molecular Viewer 

Amazon Roamer

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Web 2.0 Styles in AS 3

[BIT-101 Blog] OK, its trendy to the extreme, but I was checking out that “Web 2.0” style you see all over the place now – you know, the slick, glossy, rounded corner, slight dropshadowed look. Come on, you know you love it. Anyway, I started analyzing how it some of it was done and started looking at coding it into AS3.

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[Quietly Scheming] Using Graphics API for richer Flex: The Display Shelf Component

It’s a good example of how to use the flash display object and graphics API to build rich content in flex, as well as how to take advantage of some of the core architectural concepts of the framwork and MXML to build more advanced components.

The DisplayShelf component demonstrates using a number of flex and flash concepts to provide a rich, templatable control to display a faux-3d view of a list of items. Its behavior is similar to the CoverFlow visualization added to iTunes in version 7.

The sample is broken into two pieces. The first, the TiltingPane component, takes any content and wraps it in a faux ‘3d’ effect, allowing you to tilt it from side to side. The second, the DisplayShelf component, uses the TiltingPane component to render a list of items along a virtual shelf, with the selected item pulled out for display.

This sample was the centerpiece from my MAX 2006 presentation, “Flex under the hood: A tour through the Flex architecture.”

Check out the demo.Its really Cool …

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