Yipppppeeee!!!! Apollo Alpha is out!

Wow!! Am I excited….. I just got a mail from Adobe saying Apollo Alpha is available for download. 🙂 I am just downloading it. Too excited to writing anything more! 🙂 Lemme try it now!!


Passing unlimited arguments to a function

I recently stumbled across Flash Extensions which specializes in Flash Training & Solutions. There I found a few video tutorials and thats where this comes from 😉

Here’s how you can pass unlimited arguments to a function. 🙂 Flex Developers from the C++ and Java worlds might be familiar with this. Yet, this could be new stuff for some. The most common method used to pass multiple arguments to a function where the number of arguments are not predefined is to pass the arguments as a complex object like Array or something.

private function normalUsage(list:Array):void{

The other better way to handle this is something like this. Use “…args” in the function and then you can pass any number of arguments. –

private function dataToPop():void{

private function newUsage(...args):void{

Try it out. This could be useful at many places. 😉