Usability & Prototyping – WebApps2010

So… Here are my slides from my talk on Usability & Prototyping at WebApps2010 organized by SiliconIndia in Bangalore on 15th May.

The talk went well and the audience were pretty responsive and involving. I managed to finish my talk within the time limit. Nice experience on the whole



Really interesting stuff…

ThunderBolt is a lightweight logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3 applications using Firebug. For logging without Firebug, especially for AIR applications, check out the ThunderBolt AS3 Console.

For more information about ThunderBolt AS2 and ThunderBolt AS3 check out the Wiki.

The ThunderBolt project based on the Mozilla Public License 1.1..

Connecting people

I haven’t posted anything here for a ‘long’ time now. The last few months have been really hectic with all the sudden changes at work and in personal life. Still trying to catchup with whatever has been happening around me and slowly regaining control over life (both professional and personal).

So…. Here I am… in Bangalore. I quit from Extreme Networks and am joining Nokia R&D facility in Maratahalli Ring Rd, Bangalore. I shall be working with the Ux team at Nokia in the Software & Services division.


One of the first projects I am going to be engaged in is It’s an exciting new concept from Nokia. I shall be blogging in detail about Ovi sometime soon.

In the last few months, I have received hundreds of mails from readers. Some had written in just to show their support and appreciation. Some had mailed me with technical questions and some with job offers. And because of the personal reasons mentioned here and here, I was unable to respond to any of those mails. I really apologize for that. I am just in the process of catching up with the hundreds of unread mails in my inbox. I shall respond to your mails asap.

Once again… Thanks for all the mails and queries. Keep reading and mailing…

Adobe Flex Intro PPT posted

A couple of weekends ago, I did a presentation for The Chennai Cold Fusion User Group (CCFUG Homepage). Am posting the ppt here. The presentation covered the basics – intro to RIAs, intro to Adobe Flex, a couple of examples and a little bit about Adobe AIR. Check it out… if you have nothing else to do 😉 … The audience were cold fusion developers who were new to Adobe Flex and Adoe AIR. I touched the basics and then walked them through some code examples of Flex and Air.

Check out some snaps from the event and check out this post by Akbar after the event. You may also want to check out the CCFUG homepage at


Lately I have been getting a lot of mails about using CForm. So, I kind of wrapped up the whole thing into a SWC and here it is. So all you need to do is download this and add this to the Lib of your project. For the source code, you can still check it out of SVN. But, to just use the CForm, you really do not need the source-code, you can just use this swc component. Click here to download the component.

Flexedtoolkit Google project

WANTED: Developers who can contribute to this open source initiative 🙂

I have created a google project to put in some of the stuff that we have been working on and releasing through this blog. Some of the stuff that you can already download from Flexedtoolkit are –

  1. Autorefresher
  2. Client Idle Timeout
  3. Custom Alerts
  4. Custom Grid

I am working on a small component – CForms. The idea is to have a generic UI rendering engine that will create forms from an XML file. This is particularly useful in serious business applications where you have a lot of user entry screens. So, if the developer needs to have a screen, they just include something like –

<widgets:CForm controlsFile=”controls.xml” id=”VLAN”/>

Everything else – Styles, layout, look and feel etc. will be handled by the CForm component as per instructions in the abc.xml… Getting a picture?

We initially did this as part of my project requirements at work. And it was a life-saver. Now, I would like to extend it beyond what it is today. I want to make it more generic and feature rich so that others can leverage on it.

The project homepage is If you are interested in joining the project, do leave a comment. 🙂 Really hope some of you folks would find time to work on this.

Visiting Bangalore

Readers: I will be in Bangalore till the 25th of this month. Would love to meet some of you folks… If you have time, do leave a comment and maybe we can catch up for tea or something….. 🙂