[Quietly Scheming] Using Graphics API for richer Flex: The Display Shelf Component

It’s a good example of how to use the flash display object and graphics API to build rich content in flex, as well as how to take advantage of some of the core architectural concepts of the framwork and MXML to build more advanced components.

The DisplayShelf component demonstrates using a number of flex and flash concepts to provide a rich, templatable control to display a faux-3d view of a list of items. Its behavior is similar to the CoverFlow visualization added to iTunes in version 7.

The sample is broken into two pieces. The first, the TiltingPane component, takes any content and wraps it in a faux ‘3d’ effect, allowing you to tilt it from side to side. The second, the DisplayShelf component, uses the TiltingPane component to render a list of items along a virtual shelf, with the selected item pulled out for display.

This sample was the centerpiece from my MAX 2006 presentation, “Flex under the hood: A tour through the Flex architecture.”

Check out the demo.Its really Cool …

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4 Responses to [Quietly Scheming] Using Graphics API for richer Flex: The Display Shelf Component

  1. Stuart says:

    Does this exist as something that could be used within flash?

  2. udayms says:

    one way would be to do this in flex and just import the swf. would that solve your requirement?

  3. Glenn says:

    Hi Udayms
    Is this soemthing that you created? It’s great and I’m looking for something similar for a project, but require a few mods (that I would pay for). If it’s your superb piece of work can you assist?

  4. chand says:

    Request to [Quietly Scheming]

    I’m facing problems in building and running the flexBook please help me and Quietly Scheming I’m unable to post on your blog. It gives as error. About Not Found.

    Please have a look on the error log that I attached with this mail. Please let me know about the issue, what is that. I’m unable to build the project and its related to compiler. But in the problems tab, the sub tab of Location shows the value “Unknown location” Type “flex problem”. Please please look at the error log.

    I’ll be very grateful to you.


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