I guess this is already old news by now. But, I just recently happened to check it out. I came to know about such an application when my Manager suggested it. After trying it out, I have one word – AWESOME!!!!

Ok. What I am talking about here is a full fledged online document application (Yeah! Just like Writely, Google Docs) developed in FLEX!!!! I was amazed at not only how feature rich the app was. I was stumbled totally because many of the stuff they have achieved. They have done stuff which I never thought was possible using Flex.

For me, Buzzword definitely takes Flex to the next level. It has been developed by the folks at Virtual Ubiquity. It says on their site –

Buzzword, the first real word processor for the web, is a breakthrough in collaborative authoring for documents that matter. Many online pundits agree with us.

And Guess what? Adobe is acquiring them. You can register and try it out yourself here. Check out the screenshots here. Click on thm to see a larger view.