I recently started working on Flex. I have no previous background with Actionscript or Flash. So, finding my way around with Flex is too adventerous for me ;). As I learn new stuff and pickup interesting stuff from around the internet and the other Flash/Flex Gurus out there, I store them here in this blog so that I can always check back for stuff filed away safely. Also, for newbies like me, this is where I put the snippets and links to interesting articles on Flex.

This blog will contain scripts and snippets from Flexcoders mailing group and other places in the internet. Which means, I am not the author for any of these. If I post my own stuff, I will explicitely blow the trumpet and advertise it 😉 . When I cut-and-paste stuff from the internet and by mistake miss out on including credits to the actual owner of the script, please dont mind. And if the original author happens to come across this, please leave a message and I shall promptly include the credits. No worries :). I am telling this out loud because, sometime I include stuff from emails sent to through mailing groups. So, I might not have a url to the original article. But, I shall try my best not to miss out on including the authors name and whatever details I have.

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