[Mark Shepard] A Flex component for graph visualization

SpringGraph is a Adobe Flex 2.0 component that displays a set of items that are linked to each other. The component calculates the layout for the items using an organic-looking annealing algorithm based on the size and links of each item, and draws lines to represent the links. The component allows the user to drag and/or interact with individual items. Data can be provided in XML or as Actionscript objects. The Roamer component is an extension to SpringGraph for browsing large graphs of 10,000 items.

Here are some sample applications that use SpringGraph.

 Spring Graph Component Tester

Molecular Viewer 

Amazon Roamer

 [Read More | Download Source Sode ]


17 Responses to [Mark Shepard] A Flex component for graph visualization

  1. Keith Sutton says:


    Not sure if my comment was submitted.

    I am working on a knowledge networking web application and we are considering Flex. We are trying to figure out how much we can re-use, extend, versus rebuild. I would greatly appreciate getting in contact with you to discuss via email or face-to-face if you are in the Silicon Valley area (I am in Sunnyvale).


  2. udayms says:

    Hi Keith,
    This is Uday here. To post a comment to Mark, pls post it at http://mark-shepherd.com/blog/springgraph-flex-component/


  3. arthur says:

    hi uday,

    This is Arthur, im from mumbai, liked ur blog quite helpful,
    can u suggest a good flex charting sample website, other than adobe & quitelyscheming


  4. udayms says:

    Hi Arthur,
    As far as I can remember Quietlyscheming was the best option. Anyway, lemme go through my bookmarks once again to see if I have something tucked away in some corner. By the way, if u r looking to get some particular probs solved, do post it here. Maybe we can help. 🙂


  5. tonjo says:


    I have been reviewing Mark Shepherd’s Spring Graph and would very much like to use it for my project, the Amazon example with attached image. I have studied the XML or Roamer example but have not had any good luck creating the Roamer with an attached graphic. I would greatly appreciate some direction on where and how to get started.

    Best Regards,


  6. Rajavardhan says:

    I am using SpringGraph component which is very nice to display the data in graphical representaion.But my problem is iam not able to link the items in a one direction.If i try to link two items it is in bidirectional.Is there any thing to have the links in one direction in spring graph component.

  7. Rajavardhan says:


  8. Terry says:

    How does Spring relate to RaVis? Looks like they do the same things. Which for what?

  9. Terry says:

    How does Spring relate to RaVis? Looks like they do the same things. Which for what?

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  11. rakesh says:

    we got the project related as given below….
    we are confused that how sud i go ahead..
    i got the idea that it is same as google map but dont know hpw sud i go ahead.. v not only have to visualize but also to edit… so give some idea
    Visualization components for graphs

    1:Sparse vs. Dense

    2:Specialized algorithms for DAG, Trees, Binary Trees

    3:Customizable node and edge renderers

    4:Printing friendly – pagination support, Fit to page, …

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  13. Santosh says:

    Hi All,

    In one of my tasks i need to draw the Gnome Graph.

    The way it is looking following website


    in that I am looking at :Graph under the headiing “CNV Assosiation testing”

    Please any body knows what would it take draw this graph in Flex

  14. avinash says:

    i would like to know how to get arrows possibly with rich ui…to be placed dynamically like the links…i tried using an image but had to hard code positions..

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  16. Cyril says:

    This is the interesting and wonderful learn. The blog is published in a manner it’s so easy to read and understand. I AM a fan of your site. Thank you sharing this info.

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