Yipppppeeee!!!! Apollo Alpha is out!

Wow!! Am I excited….. I just got a mail from Adobe saying Apollo Alpha is available for download. 🙂 I am just downloading it. Too excited to writing anything more! 🙂 Lemme try it now!!


3 Responses to Yipppppeeee!!!! Apollo Alpha is out!

  1. Stephen Ocean says:


    We are developing applications for use by non-profit humanitarian organizations and are looking for developers to help us. The applications are designed to help non-profit organizations reach out to the wider public and invite them into environments that support real-time interaction and communication.

    We have an OEM relationship with Persony, a vendor in the web-conferencing industry. Persony’s online conferencing facilities depend on Flash Media Server ( or Red5) and any standard web server. Therefore, it is extremely easy and affordable to deploy. In addition, we are extending the webinar metaphor to include open meeting spaces that are open 24/7/365. Furthermore, the rooms are “stocked” with various information resources that visitors can use asynchronously or synchronously. I will send you a Google doc that outlines our near term objectives.

    In addition to adding features to the meeting spaces, we are also focused on building tools to help generate traffic in to the rooms. For example we want to combine result sets from various specialized search engines that search across IRC, Forums, Maillists, Usenet, etc. The intent is to find people who are already engaged in online conversations regarding topics that are related to the missions of our client non-profit organizations, e.g. economic development, health, education, etc.

    We also want to use Flex to create a way to efficiently contribute to the conversations we find and invite people into “rooms” that contain relevant information and connections to like-minded people.

    We intend to use the ZoomFlex tool to speed development and enable us to participate in the process in a hands-on fashion.

    We would like to work in very short iterations of 3 weeks or less and take a very modular approach to development. The application is a really a platform for integrating suites of services.

    We do not want to write specifications, but prefer instead to define use cases and communicate on a daily basis using our online conferencing tools. Someone from your team would be required to act as a liaison to myself for a hour or so each day.

    Obviously, we are hoping that we can obtain highly affordable development resources that will enable us to work quickly and effectively. We are flexible with regard to terms and would prefer to pay per delivered module. Our expectation is that we will have enough work to keep one or two developers busy through October.

    Can you tell me what your typical rates are?


    Stephen Ocean
    808-723-0830 Hawaii, USA
    skype: steve.ocean

  2. udayms says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Really sorry for the delay in responding. Been busy for the last couple of weeks. Actually, am already employed with another organization and at present am not in a position to take on contracting works. However, I would be glad to pass on your requirements to a couple of friends of mine who might be interested.

    Good Luck,

  3. how much does it cost and do you dizayn it?

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