Open-source TreeGrid Component

Derek Adams has posted a Treegrid Component at sourceforge. Darron Schall had created this “different” component sometime back. Check it out. It looks pretty cool. Sometime back, another version of a treegrid had surfaced. It was more of a DataGrid with Data Grouping capabilities. Check out the details here and the Demo here. One catch I saw in this grouping datagrid component is that it is distributed as a swc. Personally, I would rather prefer to have the source than work with a compiled mystery (!!!) 😉 .


[ Check out the project @ Sourceforge ]


23 Responses to Open-source TreeGrid Component

  1. Campbell says:

    Nice man!! :0) looks cool!

  2. prashant says:


    i have not got component ,
    what exactly shown in image.

    Please try to give exact component what you have shown in image.

    fantastic examples you have provided already.

  3. udayms says:

    thats the screenshot i found in the sourceforge project page. Maybe there’s been a version change since that screenshot was taken.

  4. prashant says:


    thanks for your code.thanks alot.


  5. prashant says:


    treeGrid component provided by u is really very useful.
    I m trying for – dynamic columns along with your treeGrid component.

  6. udayms says:

    actually i hope to release the next version of CustomGrid by the end of this month. The new features would include coopy to clipboard, dynamic column selection, etc. Maybe I should also check out whether I can provide the treegrid as a feature of custom grid. lets see 😉

  7. prashant says:


    can we directly provide xml data to treeGrid?

  8. prashant says:


    i hav generate/remove dynamic column array with treeGrid.
    I have one XML file.I just want to provide it as dataprovider to treeGrid.

    Thanks for reply.

  9. prashant says:

    hi Uday.

    There is good news.
    I have provided data to treeGrid By parsing data to nested arrayCollections.
    Its working well.
    Thanks To You for your treeGrid.

  10. mlb says:

    Could you please provide an example of parsing XML to nested arrayCollection and feed it to treeGrid. Thanks.

  11. prashant says:


    can u please give me hint to show treeGrid with combination of static & dynamic columns.

    I have parse database results to treeGrid.
    But facing problems like
    1.putting data in dynamic columns.
    2.putting Item renderer in treeGrid.
    Please give me hint.

  12. prashant says:

    Currently I am working with actionscript.

    I am facing problem of thread racing between actionscript thread & remote method invocation thread.

    Due to this I have not got instant result of remote method on the next line.(i.e I have got null value.)

    There is only one way,I have used before

    To put consecutive lines of code into remote method result function.

    But this way not possible in current scenario.I have gone through all
    possible ways to find solution.

    If you have any suitable information/solution,please convey to me.

    Thanks & Regards

    Prashant Shelke.

  13. Pegasus says:

    It looks as something is still wrong with the open and close functions. When you open e.g. a root node up to its deepest level and you try to close it completely by clicking the root node again, only level 1 disappears. From then on the rows get completely mixed up showing e.g. a child node of root node 1 below root node 2.

    Don’t know what the best solution to this could be, but seems as you need some kind of recursive close function (closing all children’s children and so on before closing the clicked node itself).

  14. prashant says:


    I am facing the same problem along with closing & opening nodes if they have child nodes & it wont work correctly.

    I am trying to solve this problem with recursive functions.

    If you please give hint it will be helpful for me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Shelke.

  15. prashant says:

    i have got solution for the hiding row problem.
    I just trace whether inner nodes are opened & if yes recursivly call function to remove sub-childs.& change parents icon (+/-)toggleOpen().

    Prashant Shelke.

  16. Pegasus says:

    Hi Prashant,

    I have already been trying to do the same, but for some reason it won’t work. I am able to trace whether the inner node is open, but removing the grand-children won’t work.

    Could you show me what code you have changed?



  17. prashant says:


    can we drag & drop datagrid rows ?


  18. ts says:

    The TreeGrid component is awesome ! I am trying to add control to it with expand/collapse all button, could you help me with how I can do this ? Thanks a lot

  19. ts says:

    my email

  20. Divya says:

    was anyone able to write a function to collapse all nodes?
    THank you,

  21. Kayes says:

    Hi. How can I use this TreeGrid component in Flash CS3?

  22. Veeru says:

    This tree componet is having problems with closeAllItems() method. Its an array index bounds exception. Whether any one havin a fix for the same?


  23. Chirag Patel says:

    How to generate dynamic column name at run time in EJT treegrid.

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