Time Entry Component

Brenden Meutzner from Stretch Media has created a slick Time Entry Widget. It would be a real handy component for all application developers. Now, you can forget about all those messy time format validations etc.

The component has some pretty cool properties like is24Hour, showSeconds etc. To customize the component in your mxml, set the following properties this SM_TimeEntry tag – showSeconds="true" is24Hour="false"

To set values to the variables in the component, set the following – hour="{currentTimeDynamic.hours}" minute="{currentTimeDynamic.minutes}" second="{currentTimeDynamic.seconds}" am_pm="{(new Date().hours > 12 ? 'pm' : 'am')}".

Check out the demo and source to learn more :).

[ Demo | Source ]


66 Responses to Time Entry Component

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  4. bob says:

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  5. mark says:

    If I have a time value from the server in the following format:
    HH:MM how can I set it in the Time Entry Widget?

  6. I have a time entry widget that will get you a start and end time with one mouse drag. Take a look at my time pad widget.

    Time values come from an array you describe, so only valid data is returned. The user is dragging the mouse, or optionally, one click at start time, one click at end time. Easy for both the developer and the user. Easy to retrofit to existing forms.

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  17. Antonio says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is the benefit to a plugin like that?

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  29. levan says:

    component looks nice but IMHO, its extremly un-user friendly, no sigle value entry available, also no way to retrieve value unells you concatenate three values together, it needs work.

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  36. Ben says:

    You’re close here, you’ve got a good component in the making but it’s not quite perfect. The 12-hour clock doesn’t properly keep track of the hour when the am-pm value gets switched; it does it visibly with the am_pm text handler but not otherwise. You need to put the following code in both the amPMKeyHandler method and the changeStepValue method (in the part where it switches the am_pm text):
    //switch the hour value
    if (this.hour > 12) {
    this.hour = this.hour – 12;
    else {
    this.hour = this.hour + 12;

    You also need to comment out the following code
    (is24Hour) ? hourText.text = “12” : hourText.text = “1”;

    in the createcomplete function under the if(defaultHour). Other than that it works.

  37. Ben says:

    Actually there is a more complex set of changes to be made… I can send you the fixed version if you would like to put it on your site.

  38. Ben says:

    Ok here are the changes I would recommend that you make to your component to get it working. It currently doesn’t properly keep track of the hours in a way that you can use it in conjunction with flex’s default date object when you use your components 12 hour mode (i.e. the hour should be set to 0 if it is 12:00 a.m. and 23 if it s 11:00pm)

    You need to but the following method in:
    private function timeChanged():void {
    //if this is not a 24 hour clock
    if (!is24Hour) {
    //to ensure the hour value is kept properly when the it is 12:00 am on the amshown clock
    if (this.hourText.text == “12” && am_pm == “am”) {
    this.hour = 0;
    this.hourText.text = “12”;
    //if it is pm and the hour being displayed isn’t 12 then adjust the # accordingly
    else if (am_pm == “pm” && this.hourText.text != “12”) {
    this.hour = Number(this.hourText.text) + 12;

    then on the textinput value “hourText” put the following property:

    then you need to put this under instances where it says “this.am_pm = amPMText.text;”:

    //switch the hour value to be am
    if (this.hour > 12 && amPMText.text == “am”) {
    this.hour = this.hour – 12;
    //if the clock says 12 then it must be adjusted accordingly
    else if (this.hour == 12) {
    if (this.am_pm == “am”) {
    this.hour = 0;
    this.hourText.text = “12”;
    else {
    this.hour = 12;
    //switch the hour value to be a pm
    else {
    //if the time was actually pm
    if (this.amPMText.text == “pm”) {
    this.hour = this.hour + 12;

    Lastly, you currrently have your component set so that if someone presses the right or left arrow that it adjusts the value in the box. What it should really do is jump to the right or left value accordingly (i.e. if focus is in the hoursText and someone presses the right arrow it should go to the minutesText box). I have re-written the component so it does all of that and would be happy to send it to you if you like.)

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