[Quietly Scheming] Interactive Bubble Chart

Interested in building customized, interactive charts?  See the demo and browse the source here.

Some of the noteworthy concepts demonstrated by this example include:

  • Custom Bubble Item Renderer
  • Custom interactive Pan/Zoom chart element
  • Custom Axis Renderer

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Flex Gauges

[Peter Ent: Writing Flex 2 Components]: Being part of the Flex framework insures that the component is created properly and receives events at the right time. For example, when the component is created its constructor is called, but that’s not the time to make any children (the skins – needle, frame, and cover). When it is time for the children to be created, the Flex framework invokes the component’s createChildren() method. But that’s not when the component is visualized (or rendered). For that, the Flex framework invokes the component’s updateDisplayList() method.

I’m going to use the overly simple Gauge component as the example. It is simple because there is the logic to make the gauge work plus three skins. In general, that’s how components are: there is a class for the component and then skins to visualize the component. You can have many classes which make up the component, and indeed some of the Flex components do that. For the sake of brevity, I’ve limited this to a single class file.

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[XML/SWF Gauge] Flash Gauges/Charting

XML/SWF Gauge is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive web gauges and dials from dynamic data.

Create an XML source to describe a gauge, then pass it to this tool’s flash file to generate the gauge. Type the XML source manually, or use any scripting language (PHP, Perl, ASP, CFML, etc.) to generate it automatically.

XML/SWF Gauge makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality.

This may not be a Flex solution, but its still a Flash solution for some charting challenges.

codercentral: Using TreeGrid in Flex 2.0

For all those of you who need the TreeGrid in Flex2.0,  Latha has managed to get Jame’s code working with Flex2.0. Check out the code at her blog here.

Good Stuff with Flex 2.0- AT2 Booking System(Prototype)

Adobe and Builder AU recently teamed up to host the Flex Developer Derby Contest with the launch of Adobe’s Adobe® Flex™ 2.0 software. They have received several impressive entries and one of the application which looks very impressive is the AT2 Booking System- UI Prototype. Check out the demo stuff by clicking here

Also you can find some other cool flex applications in the builder AU Website

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FlashTracer :: Mozilla FireFox Plugin

FlashTracer is a new plugin for FireFox that displays trace statements in a browser panel for any swf file. While running any .swf Flash file in your browser you can see all the output generated by the “trace” flash functions in this sidebar component.
You *NEED* the flash player debug version to run this extension correctly:

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CustomRowColorDataGrid component

Mike Nimer’s Blog: In the last 2 projects I’ve worked on I’ve needed to change the background row color of items in the datagrid, based on values in the dataProvider.

However the flex DataGrid doesn’t allow you to set the row color this way. Turns out in order to do this you need to extend the DataGrid and override the drawRowBackground() method and put your own logic in it. Not fun at all.

So to make it easier for myself, and you, I’ve abstracted this out in a way that make the new DataGrid re-usable, and I’ve added it to my growing collection of components that you can download from here.

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