[Quietly Scheming] Interactive Bubble Chart

Interested in building customized, interactive charts?  See the demo and browse the source here.

Some of the noteworthy concepts demonstrated by this example include:

  • Custom Bubble Item Renderer
  • Custom interactive Pan/Zoom chart element
  • Custom Axis Renderer

[ Read More  | Demo ]


2 Responses to [Quietly Scheming] Interactive Bubble Chart

  1. SS says:

    Hi Kumaran,

    Good application..have you done more enhancements in this area ? It would be good if you could share them. I need a similar application but would require names also to be displayed for each bubble(like it is in NY Times Sector Graphic). These names should also be picked up from the data provider like other properties such as xField, yField and radiusField. Can you help me in this.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. WS says:

    But would you mind giving the example of the reset. I mean use “reset” button, to go back to the initial size?


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