Dual Slider Component

By Brendan Meutzner
Adds a “scrollbar” below the span between a dual-thumb slider which is draggable. When the drag action takes place, both thumbs are moved updating the values of each thumb equally based on the span. If desireable, you can also enable dataTips for each thumb as you’re dragging the scrollbar

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9 Responses to Dual Slider Component

  1. udayms says:

    great! can u post a sample here?

  2. nic says:

    good componenet. can we get the code ?

  3. udayms says:

    check out the demo and right click and select View Source. 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    Hi, your dual-slider is terrific, I would like to implement it on my site, but cannt figure it out. I have downloaded your code, but I have never used flex. Do I need to get Flex? I went to Adobe’s download page and they have a windows version and a mac version – i am on a linux server – please point me in the right direction….


  5. kdey says:

    it is flash. how we use it with our code.

  6. prasad says:


    Looks great! and works too!!

    Keep the good work going.


  7. Grau says:

    When I try to set a trackSkin the Drag of the sliderbox doe not work!?
    Anyone a idea how to fix this?

  8. Grau says:

    LoL, i fixed it by myself. Its important to set the width of the Skin! 😉

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