Disabling page in accordion

Source : [ http://merhl.com/webdevblog/index.php?itemid=37 ]

If you ever need to disable a accordion pane child then you need to use the getHeaderAt(i) method. For example I have an accordion with the id of “accord” and need to disable the second child in the pane until some user interaction.

accrod.getHeaderAt(1).toolTip=”Please select something”

I also made specific toolTip for the child as well. I’m pretty sure you can do the same thing in flash since this is all AS code.


13 Responses to Disabling page in accordion

  1. Jay Wood says:

    After following several hunches — all wrong — I found this post… exactly what I needed, Thank You!!

  2. udayms says:

    Thanks… 🙂 Keep visiting 😉

  3. dersteppenwolf says:

    nice tip

  4. Robert Nikolic says:

    I have an accordion component in flash with 6 tabs (children).
    On opening webpage, I want to force accordion to open tab No 4 for example.
    Is something like that possible?
    Many thanks, Robert

  5. Simon says:

    [accordion instance]._header4.clickHandler();

    Try that it worked for me

  6. Henry says:

    I am looking for a way to automatically do this depending on the webpage where the accordion opens..

    For example:

    I have an Accordion menu with 8 childs…

    Each child opens a page where the same menu resides…
    I want page 1 to be the Accordion Default … no problem here yet.
    But if I change to Page 2 using the accordion.. Page two loads and I want the accordion to change to _header1. dynamically based on the either the URL or an onload function on the html.

    Have anyone done this?

  7. Jalex says:

    até q enfim achei como fazer o q eu queria.

    I`m glad I found this howto

  8. Steve says:

    Thanks for the tip. Handy

  9. cacaoboom says:

    just what i needed!

  10. Praveen says:

    thankyou, I got this requirement and used this tip

  11. Miguel Boone says:

    If only I had a buck for every time I came to flexed.wordpress.com! Superb post.

  12. Hrishi says:

    Very handy…Thank you…

  13. Reny Mohan says:

    Hi thanks a lot..this what m looking for…keep going ! 🙂

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